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Let me tell you about a Peer-E-Kamil!

Ameere Ahlesunnat Muhammad Ilyas Qadri Damat barkatuhum Aliya(also called BAPA JAAN) is a Pakistani-born scholar of traditional Islam. He has authored hundreds of books on Islamic topics,and is the founder of Dawat e Islami – an international movement for propagation of the key Islamic sources – the Qur’an and the sunnah.

BAPA JAAN was born at the time of early evening on Wednesday the 12th July 1950– which corresponded with the Hijri date of 26th Ramadan 1369, in the Bombay Bazar area of Karachi, Pakistan into a middle class family of Memon background, but the family suffered immense poverty after his father died in 1951 whilst performing the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj.

Alongside various menial occupations to support his brother and in keeping the remaining members of his household, he states that he also studied the traditional sciences of Islam including the Dars e Nizami syllabus and beyond, under the tutelage of Mufti Waqar ud Deen – a prominent Islamic scholar of that time.

He was married on a Friday afternoon in 1977 shortly before the Ju’mma prayer, at the age of 28. His nikah was performed by his teacher and mentor, Mufti Waqar ud Deen. Shortly after this, his elder brother died, and the responsibility of keeping the entire household fell solely on his shoulders. Whilst by his own admission already of a religious inclination, he says that this incident made him yet more serious in his endeavours and lead ultimately to the founding of Dawat e Islami.

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